• Not Buying new a fashion challenge
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    #Notbuyingnew for 2019

    Could you go 365 days without buying new clothes? Not Buying New; A new year with a new challenge, which is simply Not Buying New. No buying new clothes in high street stores and and online for one whole year. Easy Peasey right? Eek! I’m not so sure. This challenge is already proving harder than I first imagined..   What is Not Buying New? Not buying new is a way to reduce, re-use and recycle fashion by creating less throw away fast fashion. Using what is available already. Think preloved, second-hand, thrift and vintage. Fun right? Over the last year or so I’ve been following some super cool ladies on…

  • wearing vintage a facebook group for vintage lovers
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    Join our vintage girl gang

    Wearing Vintage is our new Vintage Facebook Group Page. Come and join the vintage girl gang! – Last month I set up a new vintage Facebook Wearing Vintage group for vintage fans everywhere. Wearing Vintage is a fun and safe space to share all things vintage and retro. Whether you prize yourself on only wearing vintage, just love the retro style, save vintage for special occasions or perhaps you’re a vintage blogger, we want to hear from you. Come and join the conversation, share snaps of your new vintage finds, show off your thrifty bargains or favourite vintage pieces. Ask a tricksy vintage questions, get help dating garments or just…

  • Etsy Back to Basics Blog Post. How to Master SEO
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    Etsy back to basics: How to master SEO

    SEO – Master the Basics of SEO with my Etsy Back to Basics Part One. Welcome to my Etsy back to basics series. Wether you’re a Etsy newbie, not yet opened your shop or looking to brush up on some Esty know how these posts are for you. Selling vintage on Etsy is a fantastic way to make money when done right and a great way to start if your new to selling vintage. I’ve had my own vintage Etsy shop, Super Queenie Retro for nearly 5 years now and I get asked all the time about the key to successful selling online. Simply it is this, constant (lust worthy)…

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  • Vintage Fashion

    Vintage Boxed: Our new vintage biz

    Our vintage subscription business, Vintage Boxed is ready to take the world on! A little while ago I wrote about my new vintage biz, Vintage Boxed when it was just in the planning stages however as from the beginning of September Vintage Boxed is ready for orders & subscriptions. Yay! The idea of setting up a vintage subscription was a sudden brainwave when I was thinking of new ways to sell vintage clothing. For me I love the idea of finding and discovering new vintage bits and bobs as you know what you might come across. The ultimate vintage dress or your new favourite vintage handbag could just be lurking in the…

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  • how to thrift vintage like a vintage trader
    Vintage Fashion

    Thrift for vintage like a vintage boss

    How do you thrift for vintage like a vintage boss? Simple. Roll up your sleeves and get stuck in… I’ve been buying, selling and thrifting retro clothes for a long time for my vintage business Super Queenie Retro. ( Now Gold Thrift Vintage) – Scouring the rails at lightning speed has become a second nature.  Spotting a vintage gem that’s lurking in a tucked away charity shop or getting knee deep in piles of fabric at dusty car boot sales, only to resurface with armfuls of missed vintage bounty. Yes, thrifting for vintage is not a glamorous job. But hey, if you’re after fabulous vintage, retro or second hand amazingness then follow my quick…

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  • 5 ways to give your Etsy shop a boost
    Etsy Seller Tips,  Selling Vintage

    5 Ways to: Give Your Vintage Etsy Shop a Boost

    GIVE YOUR VINTAGE ETSY SHOP A BOOST with my 5 quick and easy tips for kick starting your vintage sales. Selling vintage online can be hard work! And Etsy’s tough- but it is possible to get regular sales. Perhaps you’ve been selling vintage a while? or maybe you’ve just opened your Etsy doors you’ll know that waiting for sales to roll in is a game of patience, waiting the cha-chings to start buzzing on your phone. Selling on Etsy can be a frustrating affair. One minute you’re celebrating and the next you want to chuck it all in… Don’t!  I’ve been there lots of times in the past and have come…

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  • Selling Vintage

    4 Ways to: Collaborate in Your Vintage Business

    Vintage Biz owner? Are you looking to work with other like minded people and get your vintage brand out there at the same time? Read on for my 4 ways in vintage selling to collaborate and work with new people. (This can apply to all small biz owners not just vintage.) If you have your own vintage business, be it in a shop, working from home online or just popping up at fairs in your spare time, I’m sure you can relate that whist working for yourself is fab and being your own boss is awesome and all – sometimes it can get a bit lonely with a team of just…

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  • Vintage Fashion

    Vintage Boxed – A new vintage subscription

    Vintage Boxed, A new vintage subscription  you’ll want to get in your post!  I’m super excited to announce a new project that I’ve been working on Vintage Boxed! A new vintage subscription box offering cool, unique and curated vintage each month – or as a one off box. YAY! Vintage boxed is a new project that we have been planning for a while now and it is finally coming together so that we can launch our first box at the end of August, ready for the Autumn. Vintage Boxed is simple. Vintage, boxed and sent to you worldwide. Who doesn’t love a parcel and who doesn’t love the endless possibilities…

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  • Vintage Fashion

    How to… Shop at Vintage Kilo Fairs and Get More Vintage For Your Cash

    What is a Vintage Kilo Fair? – In a nutshell instead of paying for separate items, you pay in weight, buy filling a bag up with vintage that you pick from stuffed full rails and when you’ve finished shopping your bag gets weighted and you pay per Kg.  – Vintage Kilo Fairs have gained huge popularity over the last couple of years it’s easy to see why. Whats not to love – Vintage that you can select at a set price. It’s such a simple ethos, thats paired with great hype. (If I had that much vintage I would certainly do my own Kilo Sale too!)  The anticipation of having vast amounts of vintage to…

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  • vintage model for vintage trail magazine, norwich,
    Vintage Fashion

    Vintage Trail Magazine

    Photo shoot for: Vintage Trail Magazine, Norwich / Styling and vintage clothes: Me (Super Queenie Retro) and Fabulous Miss K / Photography: Me with Sony x3000 / Models: Jess & Frances. I can finally share with you some of the images we took for Vintage Trail  – our free vintage magazine for Norwich. We did this back in February or March 2017, so it was a little chilly for the girls, and we just used a few different locations around Norwich North City.  It was great to be using my camera again and having some cool modelled photographs for Super Queenie Retro. SaveSaveSaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave Subscribe to our mailing list…

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