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Relaxing in Mallorca 

Pure heaven. My mum and I took a trip to Mallorca for a few days. 

Holiday in Mallorca view of the sea from Cala San Vicenc
We went north of the island to the smallest village in Malloca, Cala Sant Vinenc. Set in a small gap of rocky hills that make up the north of the island.  We stayed in a small boutique hotel, Hotel Neu with beautiful white wash decor, impeccably clean and friendly staff. Luckily the food at the restaurant was fabulous as Cala Sant Vicenc is so small there were only a few restaurants to choose from. Plus booking a table even at the cafes seemed to be essential if you wanted to eat an evening meal. 

Holiday in Cala San Vicenc north mallorcaView of Cala San Vicenc north mallorca Stunning views in north mallorca
As it was so hot, (yup over 40) it seemed too much effort in the heat to travel too far around. Cala Sant Vicenc had two beaches. One at the bottom of the hotel, which was a little pebbly under foot and the other at the other side of the village which was stunning. Soft sand, a few waves and even had a little beach bar. 

Beach with bar northern mallorcaAtmospheric clouds in northern Mallorca
Port de Pallenca 10 minute ride away was well worth spending time in. We went a couple of times to go for lunch and spent the afternoon strolling around or chilling on the beach. It’s a small town with a gorgeous horse shoe bay. I loved the mix of boats, fishing and swimming all in the same place in remarkably clear water. All along the bay are cafes and restaurants all family friendly without being resort like. I great place to come to again, which actually we’re thinking of retuning with everyone on a family holiday next year! 

View of harbour in port de pollenca Mallorca

vintage dress with layered retro blue cardigan by super queenie retro vintage

How To (successfully) Shop For Vintage.

How do you successfully shop for Vintage? Every vintage rummager wants to find a Chanel number from the ‘60s for under a tenner. It’s like the Holy Grail of vintage. But do you actually know how to spot the well made from the waste?

Well, I recently joined forces with Pebble Magazine to offer my thoughts on the ethical side of buying second hand and to pass on some tips of thinking like a expert when shopping for vintage.


” If you’re not already a vintage fashion buyer, you should be. The UK’s on course to throw away 235 million pieces of clothing this year. Only 25% of our wardrobes gets recycled but buying vintage fashion has huge benefits – for the planet and your own wardrobe.

While some people are put off by buying second hand, part of the problem is not knowing what you’re looking for when it comes to vintage clothes. Vintage blogger and buyer, Super Queenie Retro, is our latest #pebblesmakeripples guest.  Below she’s shared her ultimate (and practical) guide on to how to buy vintage clothes, full of vintage insider tips.

How to (successfully) shop for vintage

Whether you’re a seasoned vintage shopper or new to thrifting and upcycling, shopping for vintage can often be hit and miss. Get it right though and it’s a great way to shop ethically, say no to fast fashion and end up with a totally unique wardrobe.

Think practical not fancy dress

Chances are you might not be planning to shop for vintage when you do. You might just stumble into a unknown vintage shop tucked away and you can’t resist taking a closer look. So you search crammed rails until you pull out something that cuts a fine balance of hideous and amazing and you just have to have it.

But let’s get practical. After you impulse buy those stacked glitter heels one size too small or a ‘60s maxi dress with bell sleeves and a high lace neck trim, neither of which you’ve never worn, slow down the splurge. Think about the number of wears you’re going to get out of it.

Think carefully about what you have already. If it’s a vintage dress, can you wear it everyday or is it just for a special occasion? Can you pair it with things you already own?….. “

Read the full article here. 

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How to quick and easy vintage re-fashion. An 80s shirt dress re-fashion.

How To: Quick and Easy Vintage Re-Fashion. An 80s Shirt Dress Alteration.

Vintage 80s dress, one hour sewing project. How to take a frumpy 80s frock and turn it into something more wearable.

Since it’s been ages that I have done anything more than shorten a hem on my sewing machine I thought it best to start with something basic to flex my sewing brain. Hopefully the more projects I do the more of my pattern cutting and sewing knowledge will come back. It really is a case of practice makes perfect with sewing.
Yesterday I took the day off and spent the day sewing. I did various bits, but the first thing I did was to re-fashion this 80s dress. I wanted to see how long it would take and also to see if it would be an improvement.

I’m not really one for hacking up vintage dresses just for the sake of it, I’ve gotten Sissor happy in the past with dresses and totally ruined them…but a hideous 80s dress surely your doing it a favour? and with my resent obsession recycling clothes I’m all for re-purposing and altering to bring life into dead stock.

I have a big stack of vintage dresses that are all too big, too long, to saggy or generally needs some repair and some TLC. This green nylon nightmare was one of the first ones off the pile. Green 80s vintage dress for re-fashioning sewing project

It’s not particularly my colour or fabric choice. Think of it as more of a practice run if you will, testing it out the methods to de-sleeve, shorten and all round polish up my skills.  I studied the dress before rushing in a cutting it to pieces this time. I had a picture in my mind of how I wanted it to look when I was finished and thought about what I needed to do.

  1. I cut off the sleeves. They had to go! This started a bit haphazzard but I soon got to grips with un- picking the seam and the overlooked seam. (Note to self – buy a seam un-picker) close up of vintage dress before cutting sleeves off for a alternation vintage sew project

2. Next was to un-pick the side seams all the way down the sides of the dress, so it was only attached at the shoulders. I’m not too sure unpicking the skirt was necessary to take the skirt apart but it helped in my mind to put it back together!

80s dress deconstruction for sewing project refashion vintage dress3. I snipped the elastic at the waist to make it looser and also cut the belt loops on the front off.

4. I sewed a roll hem around the sleeve edge which was easy to do when the dress was apart atthe side seams. (A roll hem is simply rolling the edges of the fabric in and sewing in place.)

5. I then sewed the sides of the dress together making it a little smaller. I made the dress shorter by cutting 5 inches or so off the bottom of the dress and re-hemming.

6. Lastly I added some pretty lace to the collar by sewing it on at the edge of the collar.

If I was to do this again, I wouldn’t make it as short as the balence of top to bottom is all wrong..(the golden rule) but I love the shirt top. So next up is making some oversized 90s shirts smaller and sleeveless and I’ll show you how I got on.

Let me know what you think or if you have blogs where you have re-fashioned vintage dresses. I’d love to see!

vintage fashion shoot. Girl in red 80s dress on sofa

Vintage 80’s Boho Fashion Shoot.


I love love love seeing photographs of vintage fashion shoots. There’s so much scope with vintage to produce amazing images and a chance to be really creative with styling.

These images are from a combined 1980s vintage fashion shoot which took on a relaxed boho vibe, helped by all the cool retro props from the A&S vintage barn. An ideal location.

Photographs by Kerry Curl and styled at Attik & Seller  Barns. Clothing from Super Queenie Retro and Attik & Seller.  Thanks everyone!

Hopefully I will get around to planning some more photo shoots over the summer, wether if its for a Vintage Trail Magazine No 2 or just for Super Queenie Retro… I’ll have to get planning and get the camera out. Have a peep at my Vintage Fashion Shoot post here. 


7 of the Best… Summer Dresses

We share with you 7 of the best vintage summer dresses for 2017 from our online vintage shop Super Queenie Retro. These are just the cream of the crop for holidays, family weekends and those ‘I’m just going to wear vintage days.’

How to pick a dress for summer? Easy. Make sure you get the right fabric for a start. Cotton has to be at the top of the list for comfy and breathable fabrics if your anywhere hot. If you can’t find what your looking for in a natural fibres then pick something lightweight and with some room for air. Like a loose viscose or sheer polyester.

Don’t think that just because it’s hot the dresses have to be minimal. A longer / looser fitting dress will keep you cooler. Like wise coving up top can save sun burns.

We love loose fitting jumpsuits, strong colours, big textures and colours as well as knowing when to keep it simple to show off a summer tan and let the accessories or footwear do the talking. 

1. 1970s two tone sun dress. In blue and gingham. Size 8 £34.00. Shop this dress.

2. 90s fruits dress – what better way than to say summer with some retro tropical fruits. £26.00 size 8 length. Shop this dress. 

3. 90s blue strappy sundress – classic shape in a bold nineties print. £18.00 Shop this dress.

4.  80s cotton soft pink striped sun dress. £25 size 12/14. Shop this dress. 

5.  80s blue strap / draped dress. Love this print and soft draped texture makes this an enviable  vintage party dress. £34.00 size 10. Shop this dress.

6. Pink floral cotton romper – ok so not a summer dress, but still on our vintage hot list. Original 90s cotton floral. Yes please. £35.00 size 10. Shop this romper.

Cool 90s pink floral romper / vintage style / superqueenieretro

7. 70s Salmon and Red Pleate Dress. Lightweight and super chic. We love this silloute! Tres chic. £30 size 8 – 10. Shop this dress

Vintage red and salmon dress
If your looking for anything specific get in touch, as we can help! With over hundreds of hundreds of vintage dresses in our collection we will have the right vintage frock for you. 

Vintage Trail Photoshoot

Photo shoot for: Vintage Trail Magazine, Norwich / Styling and vintage clothes: Myself (Super Queenie Retro) and Fabulous Miss K / Photography: Me with Sony x3000 / Models: Jess & Frances .

I can finally share with you some of the images we took for Vintage Trail  – our free vintage magazine for Norwich.  I think we did this back in February or March, so it was a little chilly for the girls, and we just used a few different locations around Norwich North City.  It was great to be using my camera again and having some cool modelled photographs for Super Queenie Retro.

Vintage Yellow Dress photo shoot

vintage skirt blowing in the windvintage girl in Pinkpink vintage outfit, close up shotvintage girl, vintage style, vintage in norwich, boho girl, 80s outfitvintage trail fashion shoot girl in green vintage skirtvintage trail fashion shoot, girl in blue 80s dressvintage style fashion shoot by super queenie retrogirl in black and white, street fashionvintage girl in 70s red dressgirl in vintage red 70s dress for street style fashionVintage shoot, girl in green blousegirl in green vintage blouse vintage street stylevintage dress with layered retro blue cardigan by super queenie retro vintagevintage outfit styled by super queenie retrovintage girl in a white dress, street style vintage fashionPhoto 16-01-2016