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So another busy Friday yesterday getting ready for a fair. Ironing, labelling, packing, stoping Pearl from eating silk scarfs, and climbing into retro suitcases.
This weekends fair is a little different from normal however and a trial for Stash Vintage and myself.
Held in the famous Suffolk seaside town of Southwold. In Prime location, on the high street in the town hall. How lovely is this building?!

So this fair is on all weekend Saturday and Sunday 10am till 5pm.
Usually we would head down early in the morning to set up and get ready for a busy day of trading! (fun but hard work). But yesterday evening I took a full car load over to Southwold to set up (I didn’t even stop for a look at sea) and came back home… And that it!

The lovely organisers run and manage the fair all weekend so we don’t have to be there! Very exciting, and abit nerve wrecking. Thats what took such a long time this week, selecting what to take, and making sure everything was labelled and priced and counted. Phew. Fingers crossed for lots of lovely browsing tourists.

The fair is on nearly every weekend in the summer, also selling Vintage and home made home wears.
Ill let you know on Sunday how it went. If anyone is in the Suffolk area, pop down and let me know what you think?



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