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Etsy Front Page

So last night after a long day, and a very long evening of a burnt dinner and an awake child till 10pm, I was already for bed just checked etsy shop and I had an insane amount of views!

After thinking there must be a mistake, I come to the conclusion that this can mean only one thing!!! Super Queenie Retro had made it on to Etsy’s Home Page. I have been hoping this would happen at some point and there it was.


In the space of an hour I had over 1,000 views. Amazeballs.
After reading Countless articles on etsy and blogs about S.E.O and getting seen, taking great photos..ect I’ve been trying really hard to improve all of these, and it is slowly improving. It just takes a lot of time and hard work, attention to detail and constant fine tuning.
Right here’s to the next treasury!

Oh an the dress sold straight away.




  1. That’s amazing, congratulations!!!! I am going to check out your store! I just opened mine store about a week ago and working towards getting more traffic. Any good resources you can share? Thanks! Andaluza


  2. Hi Andaluza,
    Thanks for reading and commenting! Im still working on building up traffic and more connections for my shop. So don’t have many tips yet, but I’ll be sure to blog about them when I do. I read lots of etsy blog posts, they have lots of fresh ideas and offer new ways to look at things, and I try and list something everyday.. But as far as blogging goes, I’m a complete newbie! Will check out your blog and shop too. X


  3. Thanks for the quick response! I found you on Etsy and your items super cute!! You’re doing great! 🙂


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