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Holiday Time

Pearl and I have gone on a whirlwind last minute trip to France to visit Family. Lush. It its so lovely to have a little holiday. Poor Tim got left behind, but somebodys got to man the Etsy orders right??

Although we have been acclimatising to the heat in the Uk with that mad mini heat wave, it still is a bit of a shock coping with the heat here, and complete wardrobe malfunction. Nothing seems suitable. I think my wardrobe is more suited to autumn and spring! lucky for pearl she can just run around in pants, and lie in the paddling pool.

So first day in and my suitcase is already full with new amazing French vintage finds. Mum, Pearl and I hit one of the two secret stock buying locations already, with the 34 degree heat, no water, and a crowded hot and sweaty room full of pushy ladies all trying to have a good old rummage, is as dedicated  as I can be to getting new pieces. Oh and getting on a plane in the first place. I really hate flying.

I found a lot of beautiful cotton print dresses, 60’s and 70’s very French type patterns. A full skirted black lace prom dress, a few vintage skirts including a black pink and orange Jaeger Skirt.

I cant till later in the week to find more!


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