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First ad

Travelling back home today, after a wonderful if not sweaty week here in France. So sharing this, whilst I can use a PC, (at home I only have me phone to do everything on)

In August we are advertising Super Queenie Retro on an American Based Vintage Style Blog,(more info nearer the time) so I have been trying to come up with a eye catching image to use for the ad. This then will work as a link to my Etsy shop. I’ve been playing around with photos already taken of bags and clothes and nothing really seemed right, so yesterday when the sun was shining using some super fab new stock, my sister got snapping and we came up with these. I really am not the best at being photographed, but at least it looks better than static shots of mannequins. So here are some of the best shots.




Top: Yellow 80s cut out
Skirt: Paisley Midi Cotton boho print
Belt: Black and Gold Swade (amazing)
Shoes: 90s yellow court shoe
Bag: black and brown 90s shoulder bag

Dress: Handmade cotton floral
Belt: Gold Feather and black elastic
Shoes: Models own sandles
Bag: As before

All will be available at Super Queenie Retro from August.



Here is the image I think I shall use, really happy with the bright shock of yellow. The shot was taken when I wasn’t concentrating on being photographed!

There is also a black and white too…
Let me know what you think and whic one you prefer!


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