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Snape Maltings

It’s non stop the last couple of weeks and double difficult to do anything other than playing with Pearl. She has just about got the hand of wobbling on her feet, with me running after mostly on my hands and knees. And nighttime seems to have taken a turn for the worse, with her waking every sort of 2 hours. When can I send her to school?? Soon right.
But I did manage to fit in a quick clothing fair last weekend! horay. We weren’t sure wether to do it or not, just because its a fair drive from Norwich and the pitch fee was high, but I’m glad we did.
Snape Maltings in Sufolk is a beautiful setting for a fair. A converted mill complex of art galleries, concert hall, grounds, posh shops, cafe and pub. But there was such a great turn out and a fun day out!
We were placed in the Marquee. Very hot and stuffy, but attracted more people than the market pitches at the front.
There was a good mixture of Vintage homewears, glass and china and of course clothing. I was a bit shocked how expensive some of the other stall holders were charging for some clothing. Which just makes me pleased how good value we are. And proof is in the pudding. Our stall was swamped. And we had some really lovely feedback of recommendations to come to our pitch in the marquee. Here are some photos.



Setting up early on.

Mobbed! We need staff!


Quick break by the beautiful river.
Lovely day. Look out for other events at Snape Maltings. The next Vintage Market is on the 13th October. Make sure to put it in your diaries!

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