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I’m pretty excited! Next week I have my first official bride to be appointment, with an amazing florist based in Norfolk Jo Flowers, And I have no idea about flowers at all. I have been ploughing through pinterest for bouquet ideas and have found some very pretty ones, and I have unknowingly picked similar styles and colours.
Here are some of my favourite images.

I love the orange and peach colours together really fresh bright and happy.
I really like country picked wild flower look too, nothing to neat and all white!

I’m trying to think what would work with our venue too, as we choose to get married at the Norwich Puppet Theatre. (about 2 roads away from our house.) The Puppet Theatre is a beautifully converted old church, and is a working theatre for the most amazing puppet shows.
The Ceremony will be in the theatre,
I’m not too sure why I went for this option, being a shy person who hates drama and being on stage, selected a stage to get married on, in the spotlight in front of 120 people!
Very scary indeed. But when we went to have a look around we both got really excited. It certainly is different and does feel special. I love the main theatre room, and although we didn’t want a religious wedding, I do like the fact that it does look like a church from the outside. (I love old buildings)

So back to the flowers, I need to think what would look dramatic and work well in a red and spot lit theatre! More research needed I think! Any ideas welcome..


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