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Back to Southwold

Yesterday I loaded the car up and drove back to Southwold for the first of our 4 week fair-athon on the Suffolk coast.
This time we were a bit more prepared and Stash Vintage and myself, have cherry picked our best pieces (with of course leaving enough new fab bits behind ready for next week!)
I didn’t have to rush to set up as much as usual so I really enjoyed seeing all Stash’s new pieces…The most amazing collection of knitwear ever and a leather jacket to die for.
We have also gone for a more merchandised look, tidying up the rails into some sort of colour order, I just wonder how long that will last!?! 30mins tops.



If you do live in East Anglia be sure to check it out, but if however you can’t. Never fear I have some really fab stuff online
have a look here
And it’s not just our fairs to get new stuff! These bags are beinf listed ASAP there so this is a preview of whats to come! #getintherefast.

90s Tapestry Bucket Bag
In LOVE with this bag!

This sleeveless grandad sweater Gillet! So cute for autumn.

take a look here…
And lastly this brown and black leather bag.. To be added later on today. Gorgeousness!


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