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So here I am.. 2014 and making cushions

Super Queenie is back! Did you miss me?

I have so much to share! First up Hello 2014. What a year your going to be.. Lets see… We have fairs a plenty near and far. More online stock than ever before.  2014 is also the year for weddings. Friends, Family and my own. I almost feel wedding planning could be my second career., thats if I actually did any.. with  months to go there is still a heck of a lot of planning, making, DIYing, borrowing, and list making to do.

Then there is 2nd Birthdays, 30th Birthdays, hen do’s, Visits to Dubai and Honeymoons.

And all to be blogged about here.

Not to mention the progress with the house decoration and occasional sewing project or two. In fact only the other night, I turned off the box of rubbish and lifted down the heaviest sewing machine in the world.. its a test of will to sew, and within an hour, I had recovered  3 cushions that I had bought the fabric for a few weeks ago.  Our living room was the first room to be decorated, and i really wanted some cushions to go with the decor. I just love mid century muted tones, of ochre, teals and greys. so when I found these in the fabric shop up the road i could resist.


Only after I kicked myself for not taking photos of the stages, to make a tutorial, but I have a gazillion more to make so next time I shall do step by step.  And show you my embroidery skills too!

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