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DIY wedding decor. The beginning.

The countdown has begun. It suddenly feels like it is actually happening and edging nearer and nearer. What am I taking about? The big ‘W’day.
Five months to go and I’ve gone from saying “Yeah we’re getting married next year” to OMG its happening soon, and approaching the task like a looming exam. Unlike my slapdash approach to my actual exams I now see Preparation is key.
So, as we don’t have the funds to sort everything by just buying it, I’m making lists and lists of lists. But my lists are mainly lists of things to make.
And as making stuff takes time I’m
starting now.

Decorations and decor are important to me as it’s one area I can push on with while we save up for the next big wedding purchase.
These tags are for the place settings.. I had the letter stamps anyway from another project and I bought the tags fairly cheaply. It just takes a considerable time stamping each letter.. Only 100 odd to do! There going to be tied onto something amazing, but I don’t want to give the game away just yet. (it does involve gold spray paint.)

This banner above I made out of different coloured felt letters sewn on to cord. I’m making a few banners like this one, “hello friends.” Must going to hang over the seating plan.
I’m chuffed with the result. I’m
even considering making one non wedding one for Pearls bedroom!

For the colours I choose, Pink, Brown, Purple, Yellow and Green. These aren’t the colours of the wedding but I wanted something bright and bold.
I made my own block letter templates, making sure to measure and keep them all the same size an width.
Then pinned them onto the felt and cut out. Of course the fab thing with using felt is that it doesn’t fray. Perfect for bunting and letters. So less time consuming and perfect for a no sew make!
I just had enough cord, for the letters I wanting to hang. Banner being, Hello Friends. This took up 1 1/2 meters.
The tricky part was attaching the letters to the cord. After laying them out on the floor I folded the top of the letter over the cord and roughly sewed in place. You might be able to glue the letters on with strong fabric glue.





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