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The weekend


It’s all go go at the minute with the weeks rolling on spring on its way and there is so much of blooming do, with weddings to plan for, vintage fairs to organise and toddlers to run after. So at the weekend (as if it was really a priority) we redecorated our dinning / work / play room by whiting out a god awful yellow which had half been painted white for months and driving me crazy. It looks so much cleaner, fresher and calmer.

There was a little bit of duck egg blue left from decorating an outside wall a few weeks ago,  so it got used as a sort of feature wall in our office space.  It still needs sorting out and de cluttering then it will be time to get to work on all the wood work, Im thinking a light grey. we’ll see how long now it takes me to start and finish! having said I wanted it done, and our bedroom done too by the end of April in time for Pearls Birthday party seems rather optimistic.




Its also been wedding mania.. constantly. I have so many lists going around in my head. The last few days I have been doing final counting of numbers coming, but every time I count it changes! So far 110 people for the daytime with more in the evening.  Seating plans I thought would be a doddle, but is actually really stressful. I had to have 3 glasses of wine and admit defeat friday evening.  Come back to that later then. Then there is arranging, hiring tables, chairs, cutlery and tablecloths. far more expensive than I had thought. Forgot about the VAT, delivery charge and washing up for the cutlery. Then there is the stress of bridesmaids dresses. I have bought 4 x two different dresses and taken them all back. Back to square one, with planning to sew our own now. I have two different patterns in mind, that aren’t too complicated, and should suit all sizes. The hardest part is getting the fabric right. Im just hoping that when I see the right one it will sing out to me!

I have been getting some really cool vintage stuff for the up coming fairs in April and May. I have found some great leather bags, cable knits and some 1950’s dresses and skirts. not wanting my Etsy shop to miss out on some of the new stuff, I have been listing like mad and took lots of photos the other day when the light was perfect for product shots. I downloaded a new app called VESCO cam. I’m sure lots of you have heard of it before, I hadn’t and I have already found it makes a big difference to taking the sort of shots I need for Etsy. Here are some of the new pieces. See what you think!

Green Leather Duffle Bag  $39.00

Green Leather Duffle Bag

Rose Print Scarf $25.00

Rose Print Scarf $25.00




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