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Wedding Dress

Today has been a really good day, apart from not having Tim here, as we saw him off early for his work trip, Pearl and I hopped in the car to a car boot on a crockery mission. Found a few for the wedding collection mainly cake plates today. Got home and had a productive business morning at home, listing new items, selling one bag within 30 minutes! Then wedding emails and quotes and organising to get a kitten next week. Mega cute. Pearl want to call it biscuit. (its not going to be called that) Its a word that gets uttered often. This afternoon was coffee and park trip with a friend with Pearl loving smelling all the flowers and running around in the spring sunshine.


Today was also lovely as I finally got to see images of my wedding dress finished! Its the first time I have seen it at all. For months now I have been super worried about how it was going to turn out. Even having reoccurring nightmares.

Obviously when you get engaged the first thing you think about is a wedding dress. I spent hours and hours trailing the the internet for inspiration. Did I want simple, OTT, mermaid, fishtail, princess, vintage, sweetheart, sheath, column, Grecian??  Or none of the above.  I did the obligatory thing of traipsing around bridal shops trying of meringues and dresses that made me waddle / feel silly.  After a second viewing of one dress I nearly convinced myself that spending £1,300 on a dress was fine, even when I didn’t really like it. But it was the best of a bad bunch. It really is very difficult finding a dress that doesn’t feel a flammable or static for less than £1,000. Our budget just really didn’t stretch to anything like that. So I was more than happy to walk away and have a rethink.

Originally when I thought about getting married I had always imagined that I would make my dress and it would be amazing and the start of a new business empire. Even if my sewing skills weren’t seriously lacking, my time certainly is. What I considered ‘Free time’ pre Pearl was having a whole day/weekend saying I was bored and having no one to hang out with. Free time now means having five minutes to wash up or a real luxury to dry my hair. Not start a massive project  making a dress,that the man I live with can’t even see.

So I did the next best thing. Have someone make it for me. After yet more internet /Pinterest browsing, I found a designer that I just kept coming back to, and re pinning. That of Ersa Atelier. Amazing. There isn’t a dress that I wouldn’t wear. After narrowing it down to just one. I found a seamstress on Etsy, Panda and Sharock who could make it at a fraction of the cost I near spent. After months of sending emails back and forth, we came to a dress based on one of the Atelier gowns, to suit me and has a bit of a twist. Today I saw the results for the first time, and I can’t wait to get married so I can wear it!

Here are a sample of some of the Ersa Dresses… Not mine, but there from the same collection so some elements are similar. Not telling which bits though!20140409-222006.jpg



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