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Woodbridge Vintage Market

A chilly spring day at Woodbridge’s Vintage Market on the town square. Perfect day for getting out the knitwear and wearing as much of it as possiable. Theres no way I could be a market stall trader in all weathers.. BRRR. I even had to call in for someone to bring me gloves! The weather this month has been so warm and lovely and I was convinced that today was going to be more of the same. There really is nothing better than selling vintage in the sunshine. Alas it was not to be.  Luckily it didn’t rain like last year, so that was a bonus.

It was my first time having a proper market stall too. it was really fun setting up and merchandising the table. Thank goodness there was room to fit three rails around the pitch, so I could put all my stuff out, well all I could cram into my small car anyway.  It was a nice mix of home wears, bricabrac and clothing. A really good turn out.

I love the fact that they had some live fiddle and bag pipe music going on in the middle. Any sort of fair without music is really so dull.  Not only that but so many organisers,  think music and automatically think vintage dreary music, sung live or not, but if I hear ‘My little Valentine’  one more time I think will scream. Shopping does not need slow paced show tunes. It needs up lifting, up tempo tunes, that get people moving quickly, shopping quickly and making snap impulses on buying quickly. It really isn’t rocket science. Up beat music, positive shopping.





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  1. Love the look of your stall – I have a stall too, do love a vintage fair! My blog is about vintage shopping so let me know when your next fair is so I can try and pencil it in to review. Always love an excuse to go to a vintage fair!!!!


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