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Lets Get Bunting

Here’s my very easy How To Guide on making your very own bunting. A Fun and simple sew project that can be used practically anywhere. I made metres and metres and metres for our wedding day, but since then it got reused decorating bedrooms, parties and in our garden. (You can see how it looked at our wedding here.)

These are a ‘rustic’ simple flag style, meaning easy sew, no double sided or lining the little things. For this reason I choose a flag shape over than the traditional ‘V’. Basically this shape keeps its shape better, and doesn’t pull or curl out of shape when using thin single sided fabric.

For fun, vintage flags use a mixture of colours, try to avoid too many pastel shades.  Think old liberty scraps, clashing retro prints. Luckily for me, just down the road is a great vintage shop that has a good fabric selection with bags ideal for small projects. Look in local charity shops for odd bits of scraps, car boots, cut up old retro dresses or bed linens.
So here are my flags. I cut them all out first, before sewing any together and then that way you get a good mixture. I roughly drew my flag on a cereal box to use as a template.



Once they are all cut out, then it’s just sewing them into the bunting tape. I bought a whole roll of it on ebay. As I needed millions of metres of it, it was much cheaper. Of course if you want just a little run of bunting then getting it from a haberdashery is perfect. The tape I got was also on the narrow side, possibly why it was cheaper. If your not great at keeping a straight line on the sewing machine then I would opt for a thicker band.

I kept the bunting tape by the machine and just feed it through as you sew. Make sure the tape is neatly folded over just before it goes through the presser foot incasing the flag, that way there should be no need to pin the bunting in place.

I left a gap of a few inches between the flags. But it can be however you like.
And voila!




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