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DIY Wedding Story

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Date: 28th June 2014
Venue: The Norwich Puppet Theatre and The Redwell Brewery.
Theame: Industrial Mid Century with Chintzy florals. Main colours, yellow and white.

20140808-221547-80147330.jpgWhen it came to planning the our DIY wedding, its all about list making and pretending you know what your doing.  The biggest stress was the lack of money, but some how it all came together with the help of Mums, Friends and Family, a lot of car boot trips, getting blue peter like over decorations and stationary, buying / paying for little bits each month and having a attitude where if things can’t be done or don’t happen, does it really spoil the day? No. and actually works out for the better.

Here we have the day in Pictures, Ive picked the ones where you can get an idea of the venues, decorations and atmosphere. I should say that most of these are not my photos and were taken by our friends / family.  A professional photographer was something else that our budget wouldn’t stretch to, except for my one splurge on a Photo Booth. ( best plan ever… get one. or DIY one). But again I love all the images, they really have caught the moment in lots of the images. Having family and friends lead the way in the camera snapping, really helped me relax and be at ease when smiling and being silly on lens.

See how to make my wedding bunting here.

This is my favourite bit of the wedding. The confetti. There was lots. It made me very happy. 

One of the things Tim and I really didn’t want was a Hotel Wedding. It just wasn’t us.  But not getting married in a church and crossing out hotels doesn’t give you that much option for wedding ceremonies. Getting married at City Hall was out too as we invited too many people. We wanted them all there for the whole thing, not just the parry part.

As soon as we looked around the Puppet Theatre Tim and I loved it. Especially as it is so close to our house, and whenever Im in the car, I have to drive past it. and now every time I go past I can think of our wedding day.

Getting Married in a Theatre was nerve racking, but with my bridesmaids, daughter and best friend walking me down the isle, coming in to the Theatre I didn’t feel nervous at all, and with Enya and Donovan  in the Background it was pretty darn perfect.





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Right from the start I loved the idea of having large letters over or on the stage, That soon stopped when I looked at how expensive and impractical it was to hire light up stand alone letters. So I wanted to make some sort of banner, although I had no idea what I wanted to say but it had to be gold.. I tried spray painting foam board, card, glitter card, but nothing really worked or was large enough, then after a lot of searching I was ecstatic to f find these gold foil balloons. and only a few pound each!  We air filled them so they could hang down but if you wanted them to float up, then you can fill them with helium.  I first bought them wondering if they were big enough. As soon as I entered the Theatre they looked fantastic coming down the Isle. Thank you so much to the Puppet theatre team who put them up for us!



My dress was a culmination of things.  I’m glad that a lot of it went wrong to end up with the dress it did. The Dress base was a Coast dress and I added a handmade net skirt with train over the top which zipped up, with part of the net stitched and gathered in places, to make it more organic looking and see-through at the bottom.  The Belt was also a commissioned hand made piece with beading and ribbon ties at the back. I had to sadly throw the net part of the dress away the next day as it was very worst for wear, but the coast dress is beautiful. Being a midi length I can find some excuse to wear it again.

I think everyone expected me to wear a Vintage Wedding Dress, or a Vintage Reproduction, which is why I wanted something modern and the Softness of the Tulle was brilliant. I went as puffy as a not very tall person can get away with. The shoes were Vintage however and the first wedding thing I bought. 1960s Gold Leather T bar dance shoes. They were made for my feet, made for dancing and only £3.00. But are something I will keep forever.

I forgot all about something old, new, borrowed and blue. ops.





















Everything was handmade. If you plan to make stuff for your wedding, don’t under estimate how long everything takes to make. I guess you might be a bit more efficient / quicker if you don’t have a toddler wanting to ‘help.’ I was making stuff for the wedding every day for about 4 months.

Heres the list

  •  X metres of Floral Bunting (see previous post)
  •  Felt Banners  Like below.. think there was a Bride and Groom , Hello Friends, and Cakes and Bakes.
  • Place Cards, sprayed gold mini animals and hand stamped 110 names.
  • Menus
  • Wedding-Zines
  • Song Lyrics
  • Just married 3D soft banner
  • 100 odd Tissue Paper Pom Poms in yellow, white and pink
  • wedding favours.. sweeties in yellow stripy bags.
  • table book heart confetti
  • table seating plan.
  • gold glitter table numbers

Lots and lots basically.. oh and I collected 330 Vintage plates for the Lunch. this took me over a year and a half. as well as sourcing mid century pictures, vases, old books, jugs ect. basically when I came to taking stuff to the Brewery to set up, our whole house ended up somewhere at the wedding.

I will write more at length with some of the wedding DIYs that we made in Future posts.



















The Party at the Brewery was amazing. A really long happy day and night. One of the best things that I bought for the wedding was a children’s Bubble machine for £15.00. This was great to have on, as friends arrived and to give some fun atmosphere. I also bought lots of gold foil disco curtains, that were inexpensive that transformed the ‘Disco’ area, Not to everyones taste, but I can’t get enough gold shimmer.

For the main meal we had a lovely local Cafe, Pandoras Kitchen provide the Buffet meal and a sharing tapas starter.  They served things like salmon, mixed meats, breads and oils, olives, salads, all homemade and delicious. They also made our wedding cake. I saw something with the textured ribbed Icing on Pinterest and wanted something similar. It was a very soft yellow and was a jam sponge cake. it honestly was the tastiest cake I have ever had. Im so happy I put some of the leftovers in the Freezer, so none went to waste!

Tim and I love dancing, and being silly on the dance floor, so we started the Disco as soon as the meal had finished. We had a great DJ and I had made some play lists too. Lots of Indi, 80’s and 90’s and a bit of garage at the end. Half the tables got moved out the way to make more room, and then we had the weirdest (best) first dance ever. Supposedly it was going to be our friend’s band who were also coming to the wedding from London, play the first dance, before giving us a mini set. Amazing. I had my heart set on David Bowie, “Heros.” It just means a lot, as First dances should…. but after hoping they were just running late, they never showed at all.  slightly weird.Our Friend Tim offered to sing something instead. Sing anything as long it was Elton John. Candle in the wind would have been a little inappropriate, ditto crocodile rock, so we went with “Can you feel the love tonight” which fitted well with my childhood obsession with the LionKing. Amazing performance. Shame about our awful dancing.


The Photo Booth was late and got lost. I was in two minds weather it was a good idea to get one.  It was a lot of money compared to most things we spent money on. And actually i was a little disappointed with the props they bought. A few manky wigs and a horses head. They  annoyingly had better props at the wedding show, and if I had known they had hardly any props I would have raided my Vintage, Hats / Wigs / glasses cupboard at home, or got some things on sticks. But… everyone loved it. There was a constant que.. and it was all the oldies who were hogging and snogging in the booth! LOVE IT.

We also had a friend who offered to make us a wedding video, but do something a little different, by throughout the day, make a mini music video. We just needed to choose the song, and have the words and Phil filmed groups of guests singing bits.. I can’t wait to see the finished result. Everyone got in the mood for it, and I was really surprised who was giving it there all and shimmying and shaking for the camera. it was like a really cool project for the day that everyone took part in. Oh the song was Cher ” I got you Babe.” Shu ba ba, Shu ba ba……

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