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Wedding Part Two

I’m posting these lovely photos that I came across on my computer that I had forgotten about. These were taken by my sister all from the day before of the wedding set up. I don’t think I have ever crammed so much in to one day. . There was so much to do, and that could of only have been done on that day once we were in the venues. We certainly didn’t go with out volunteers with family arriving and friends helping out. Thank you!  (and all in torrential rain showers. )

I think I said before in my last pot about the wedding how fab the big gold foil balloons were, a really cost effective decoration idea. I love this photo of them all blown up and waiting to be strung up.  We had a massive amount of bunting, made by yours truly and my mum. I don’t think its possible to have a wedding with out a bit of bunting creeping in.

You can also see my felt signs going up, and the pom poms. Im so glad that I kept a few pom poms back at home. I strung up a few in pearls room and they look lovely, and remind me of wedding making. After the wedding a lot of the yellow pom poms ended up going to the Norwich Lanes Fayre and some are still up in the shops windows. Living the dream!

Anyway I just wanted to share these snippets of wedding decorating.


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