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My Sony a5000.


Two hundred items sold online through my Etsy Vintage Shop, and another few hundred items listed, I learnt from experience that its the photos of the clothes (and bags) that lead to views and ultimately SALES!!! ..The photography so important. Viewers want  CRISP, CLEAR and CLEAN photos… and most of the time it drives me to breaking point to achieve this! I try not to list items now if the conditions aren’t right. Poorly lit, blurry or just not right photos brings the whole shops aesthetic down, and to me anyway stands out as just being bad.

Of course there are many many factors that come in to account when selling online, and its more complicated then just good photographs. I could write endlessly on what to do / not to do on selling on Etsy. But its a ruddy good starting place, and my sole aim now is to make each and everyone perfect.

My iPhone is my office. It is an invaluable tool for vintage selling online. I do everything on it. Every photo I have used my iPhone. (4s) and for some reason when I came to upgrade my phone I had a moment of madness and went for a sony xperia 2.   and I just can’t get as good results as I can on my iPhone. so I still use the camera on the iPhone.

However its still not the quality and crispness that I would like. The conditions have to be right for when I photograph, much to the annoyance of my daughter and my husband! If its anywhere between 10am and 12pm and there is sunlight, or a bright morning, then we stop everything and the pile of clothes and bags to shoot takes over the living room. In the PM there are shadows creeping along the wall and that is just no good for editing after.. ( you get a horrid yellowy tinge. )

And course theres things like a blur from a wobbly hand or it ends up being cropped too much so that it starts to look blurred.  OH! the problems are endless.

Which leads me on to my new camera. Hitting 200 sales and having the best month by doubling my usual monthly sales, (yay me) I wanted to invest back into the business and get A PROPER CAMERA! I actually went with the same camera that Kristy took all our wedding pictures on. As she did such an amazing job. see here..   Its the SONY alpha 5000. I LOVE it. it looks cool, a good compact size and is luckly easy to use. Plus what swayed me is that you can upload instantly to a phone or a pc.

I have been getting my camera out at every available opportunity and here are some of my favourites from the last month. IM still mastering the art of using it for product shots. There coming out too dark, so now Im considering / ordering ASAP, some soft box lights!

Enjoy. And if anyone has any lighting tips or tips with a Sony 5000 alpha.. get in touch! x

DSC00735 DSC00061 DSC00374 DSC00610 DSC00606 DSC00613 DSC00844

From Above: Our cat, Kitty, Pearl and Mum Selfies, Southwold Beach and Myself and Tim.

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