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Norwich Fashion Week 2017


Norwich Fashion Week Alert….

It’s been fab year so far Super Queenie Retro and one of the most exciting events on our vintage calendar was the return of Norwich Fashion Week. 2017 is the first year that we have taken a part in the fashion frenzy that hits Norwich every March.

NFW has grown since it’s founding year in 2010 and is now hosted in Open, Norwich.  It’s such a great hub of people and ideas for anyone ‘fashion’ in Norwich from retailers, independents, fashion students, bloggers, stylists, models and photographers (and of course vintage!)

I happily signed up to be apart of the Vintage Show and loving in it even more when I found out the theme was Disco and Studio 54. (See the official photos here. ) Amazing.  Not all pieces in the show had to be themed, but it was a good starting point when putting together a collection of 8 pieces.

As for the Super Queenie Retro collection I wanted to choose some eye catching and super cool vintage pieces. One of the dresses (The black hooded dress) I nearly forgot about, as I  had tucked away ages ago just for the vintage show for safe keeping and couldn’t find it.  Which then got me wondering how many vintage pieces I have squirrelled away?!  I’ve a drawer rammed full of some of my favourite pieces that I don’t sell or wear, just don’t want to part with. So this is usually a good starting point when looking for interesting bits and bobs.

Planning the outfits was mildly stressful. Mainly because I have so much vintage, its impossible to pick just 8 outfits,  I wanted to go with some current trends, florals and some pink too. It was challenging making sure I wasn’t choosing too much black, clashing (in a bad way… I’m all for clashing normally) prints and colours and picking pieces that will photograph well plus people watching will like (and hopefully buy).

So on to the outfits. One of my favs is this dress below. A striking 70s pleated skirt with green, pink and blue flowers. I just love everything about it. The length, the colours, the collar, the long sleeves and the pleats. It’s got a strong colour palette so I used that as a colour way for the other outfits – which also luckily went with the black hooded dress.



See this dress Here.  and the Cream Bag Here. – NOW SOLD.

I wanted to put some more styled outfits with a sixties vibe like this weird wool and tassel gilet with the pink 60s mod dress. Interestingly the wool gilet was made as a one off piece, hand woven by a student at Darlington Hall, which has been an art school since 1961.


See the pink 60s dress here and 70s faux leather tan satchel here.


This dress (above) is a really pretty spring vintage dress. As well as Fashion Week I used it  for the promo shoot for Vintage Trail Magazine! It looked really vibrant in the photos for that (to be shared soon- future post) so I knew it would also work on the catwalk.

The only problem was the dress was a little too loose for the lovely model. It’s got a tie belt that wraps around the back and buttons at the front, and this just looked far to big so we wrapped the 40’s silk tie scarf around the waist. I bought a bag of extra bits that I knew would come in handy and I defiantly wanted to get the scarf in somewhere with some clashing prints. So it worked out well in the end. – Future note, bring more,spare outfits and belts!


Have a peak or buy this dress here.  and the bag is also online too here.


Next up is this lush vintage cotton maxi dress in large pink and white gingham – with frills. I just adore this dress and think that its perfect for spring and summer festivals. I love it mixed with the chunky leather belt and I love the high neck with pie crust and the bell frill sleeves. I just love it all! Pink gingham dress available here.




I just had to put this dress in. New in to the shop and so pretty with a beautiful orange motif at the bottom of birds and flowers. High waist and rounded scooped collar. Plus it has the cutest clothing label I have seen. See more images and buy here.



I was really pleased with these two outfits. Left loose and floaty black and pink floral maxi dress see it here and I knew that this dress would look amazing on Amy.

The Blue is a 1960s nylon bed top with a high frill neck, long sleeves and buttons all the way down at the back. (This was another piece that I had hidden away for a while, which was actually given to me by a family friend from a wardrobe clear out) paired with some tappered black floral trousers. The necklace I picked up at a french market years and years ago and is not for sale! I nearly didn’t go with this outfit at all, however I didn’t want it to be all dresses. I’m so glad I did as it was one of the outfits featured next day in the paper Evening News covering the event. Woop!


The show itself was really great. Loud music playing 70s classics that you couldn’t help by smile to.  Brilliant hair –  slick and frizzy ponytails,  and make up leaving me feel glitter envy. Not to forget the clever addition of retro specs from Dipple and Conway.

I can’t wait for NFW 2018.




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