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Vintage Outfits in Spring.

Wearing vintage, and having a lot to choose from is definitely a fab perk of being a vintage trader.  It’s true you need to try things on and experiment with different shapes, styles and colours. Too many times I have written off a retro dress as awful a ‘nylon nightmare’ as we used to joke and popped it on our cheap rail, only then to see it on someone and thought shit, it actually it looks really cool.

After a while I stopped wearing vintage quite so much opting for more high street. But now I’m embracing it whole heartedly and brining more colour and pattern by reintroducing vintage one dress at a time. As much as I would like to have a chic minimalist capsule wardrobe I love prints and colours too much. Although perhaps I could have a capsule print wardrobe?

At the moment I’ve been loving long sleeved maxi dresses, and my new leather sparkle and fade jacket which I picked up in a charity shop in Beccles (Suffolk) and Ive barely taken it off since.

I’ve been snapping the odd outfit in the last few weeks a but here are my favourites so far.

You may think that I probably have enough vintage dresses to last a life time, I know my husband does, but hey – I love to shop vintage. So the green dress is not Super Queenie Retro, I snapped it up from Sue Ryder Vintage in Norwich. I think it will get worn quite a bit this year.

These other outfits are a mixture of my bits and bits from the SQR shop.  Like this 80s floral blouse below. I love the print and the loose shape of the blouse, but I don’t really wear shirts or blouses that much. So it’s back for sale!

Here is my leather jacket… in love with it. It’s so soft and perfect I will be keeping this forever. The maxi dress I bought at a weight and pay event recently and the belt is mine too also vintage.
Nylon overload here with my blue 1960s nylon mini dress and brown 60s nylon cardigan. The head wrap was hand knitted by my mum.
And most resently a 90s pleated midi skirt from the shop mixed with my striped top (Matalan) and wide vintage leather belt, (and 90s denim jacket)

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