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5 Ways To Kick Start Your Vintage Etsy Shop…

Shake up your vintage Etsy shop with some quick and easy tips. So you opened your Etsy shop, got all excited and now sit and wait for the cha-chings to start buzzing on your phone. You’ve got your packaging all ready but nothing to pack. Selling on Etsy can be a frustrating affair. One minute you’re celebrating and planning to give up the day job and the next minute you want to chuck it all in.

I’ve been there… and through a process of  learning bit by bit – through trial and error, I have made selling vintage on Etsy (under my brand Super Queenie Retro) a full time job, bringing in a proper income with regular daily sales and repeat custom.

I’ve used this guide as a starting point and these 5 ways below are my quick tips to shake up your Etsy shop by following some easy to implement steps and start the sales cha-chining your way. I will in add in more specific posts about different aspects of selling so watch this space!


Tip number one: Selling on Etsy is not consistent unless you are.

You need to work at it. Once you get into the swing of making it part of your daily routine the sales will start to roll in. You should get into the habit of listing something new everyday. Just by having 100 items or 300 items in your shop doesn’t necessarily mean you will get sales all the time. Sure, you will obviously have a higher chance of selling with more there, but listing consistently is key.  If you can’t make the time every day then do every other day and in between renew old lsitings.

It may seem like a lot, but make some time in your day to do it. If you take photographs in bulk on your phone, this will save you time. Photograph 6-10 things at a time, then you’ve got a weeks worth of items and they’ll be ready go whenever you have a spare 15 minutes. I find the best time is to list new items when I’m sitting down on the sofa, or stopping for a quick cup of coffee. Extra bonus point hint – I find the best times to add new items are mid morning around 11am and 4pm. 

Tip number two: Keep your shop looking cohesive and co-ordinated. 

This may sound like a big hurdle to get through but your store must look cohesive. It’s all about the atheistic and first impressions of your shop, just like if you were to enter a real store. You want it clean, fresh, selling items that fit together. It has to be well presented to make your customers feel happy to part with their cash.  – This is just a quick brush up and I can go more into detail in another post but here’s a good place to start with keeping the look of your shop co-ordinated.

Lets start with your images. Look at your store front. Keep your backgrounds all the same. A lot of sellers choose white backgrounds, myself included. This gives a clean, fresh and minimalist feel. If you opt to model clothes, keep the background flat, like a plain backdrop, a brick wall, wood etc and then continue using the same for all your shots. – Don’t just take a snap with your garden in the background, it just looks unprofessional.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 17.50.07

It’s also a good idea to keep the space used in the photo by your product roughly the same in all your lead images. You can do this either by cropping or take the photo from the same place against the same wall each time you shoot. This will keep your shop front easy on the eye.

As with photos, you want to keep your shop branding consistent too. Use the same logo as your other social media pages. Use the same layout for your product descriptions. Roughly keep them all the same length and writing style. Show your personality through the listings.

Tip Number Three – Fill everything out, it’s there for a reason. 

Spend an hour or so going through all the sections to fill in, or update old information.  In fact Etsys search algorithm actually favours those shops with filled out ‘About Sections’ and shipping policies.

Spend an hour sitting down and go through all the boxes. Fill it all out. Once it’s done it’s done and you don’t need to change it too much.

Things to fill out are; –

Shop Announcement: Use this to push your Social media links and any special seasonal offers. or just shout about why you are so great!

About section: Briefly describe why you do ,what you do and what makes you good at it. Add photos to the photo using all the spaces. Add a video if you have one.

Fill in all your shop policies / Shipping and FAQ’s. If your stuck as to what you need to put then take look at mine or research what other shops do. It is vital that your customers know what to expect regarding customer service, and in the event of a problem or something going wrong you have the policies set out for all to see. The more you put the easier it is when something does go wrong.

Add photos to shop updates: This is like a mini Instagram for Etsy and its worth doing. especially if you have a lot of Etsy followers to your shop as it will feature on their front page of Etsy. This is advertising gold! – So make sure its a decent photo. (Plus if you want to it can then post the same image to Facebook and Instagram. )


Tip Number Four – S.E.O – Search Engine Optimisation.

This again is a whole post in it’s own so I will just keep to the basics. S.E.O The one thing that is sure to drive you slightly mental at some stage. Bottom line you need to do it and you need to do it properly.  Pay attention to what your writing in you Title and fill out as many characters as possible. Use useful phases. For instance if I was selling this 80s dress…. Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 17.59.52

Look at the title of the dress, I have broken it down into 2-3 word phases. From reading this you get a good impression of what I am selling and it ticks all the boxes for SEO.  Use these exact coupling of phases word for word in your tags plus place some in the top part of you description. 

Thats SEO in nut shell, start there and I will cover more soon. Its a very good starting point, and your items should get found more easily.

Tip Number Five – Don’t give up.

Having a successful Etsy shop takes time and patience and there will be busy and quiet days. Keep at it and don’t stop improving and updating your listings, photos, SEO. They can always be better.

Good luck! I’m off to take some more photos.

If you have any questions or would like to know any thing in particular to running vintage business let me know!


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