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Relaxing in Mallorca 

Pure heaven. My mum and I took a trip to Mallorca for a few days. 

Holiday in Mallorca view of the sea from Cala San Vicenc
We went north of the island to the smallest village in Malloca, Cala Sant Vinenc. Set in a small gap of rocky hills that make up the north of the island.  We stayed in a small boutique hotel, Hotel Neu with beautiful white wash decor, impeccably clean and friendly staff. Luckily the food at the restaurant was fabulous as Cala Sant Vicenc is so small there were only a few restaurants to choose from. Plus booking a table even at the cafes seemed to be essential if you wanted to eat an evening meal. 

Holiday in Cala San Vicenc north mallorcaView of Cala San Vicenc north mallorca Stunning views in north mallorca
As it was so hot, (yup over 40) it seemed too much effort in the heat to travel too far around. Cala Sant Vicenc had two beaches. One at the bottom of the hotel, which was a little pebbly under foot and the other at the other side of the village which was stunning. Soft sand, a few waves and even had a little beach bar. 

Beach with bar northern mallorcaAtmospheric clouds in northern Mallorca
Port de Pallenca 10 minute ride away was well worth spending time in. We went a couple of times to go for lunch and spent the afternoon strolling around or chilling on the beach. It’s a small town with a gorgeous horse shoe bay. I loved the mix of boats, fishing and swimming all in the same place in remarkably clear water. All along the bay are cafes and restaurants all family friendly without being resort like. I great place to come to again, which actually we’re thinking of retuning with everyone on a family holiday next year! 

View of harbour in port de pollenca Mallorca

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