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How to… Shop at Vintage Kilo Fairs and Get More Vintage For Your Cash

What is a Vintage Kilo Fair? – In a nutshell instead of paying for separate items, you pay in weight, buy filling a bag up with vintage that you pick from stuffed full rails and when you’ve finished shopping your bag gets weighted and you pay per Kg.  –

Vintage Kilo Fairs have gained huge popularity over the last couple of years it’s easy to see why. Whats not to love – Vintage that you can select at a set price. It’s such a simple ethos, thats paired with great hype. (If I had that much vintage I would certainly do my own Kilo Sale too!)  The anticipation of having vast amounts of vintage to trawl through mixed with a simple price structure is a winning combination. But did you know there’s some easy ways to make sure you get the most out of your money?

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how to shop vintage kilo fairs


Hands up who has ended up spending way more at a Vintage Kilo than planned? Gone a little crazy with the 90s denim and ended up feeling out of pocket? Even as a vintage trader I too can’t resist the call of the vintage and go to have a little top up shopping for myself or to find cool bits for my vintage shop Super Queenie Retro.

So whats the best plan?  Follow these easy tips and you’ll be coming home with some awesome vintage swag in no time.

1. If you’re planning on some serious rummage time, pack light. I mean ditch the coat and and huge tote bag with everything in. You want your hands free and shoulders not carrying heavy loads.Trust me, after rails of searching your arms get tired. Try taking a small across body purse to make you footloose and fancy free.

2. Looking for value for money and want more bang with your buck, then it’s really simple. It ain’t called a weigh and pay for nothing. The heavier the items the more it costs you. Go pick LIGHTER items. Literally feel how heavy it feels in your hands. Obviously fabric choices come into play. Look for silks, lightweight polyester, cotton. Avoid corduroy, velvet, denim, wool and your money will go further. Obviously If your after just a couple of items then sure pick what ever you want, but if your after some die hard thrifting then it’s a no brainer.3. Make use of the scales. Do a half time weigh-in and see how much you’ve spent. Don’t forget that at the check out you to ask to take some things out if you feel you got carried away and spent too much. Don’t feel pressured just because there is a big queue. Make um wait.4. Have a limit of what you want to spend and try not to go over it. Sometimes prior to the event you can pre-order your kilos. This is a great option, a) because it makes your kilos cheaper by usually a few pounds and b) if you want to be really well behaved you can leave your card behind so you can’t go over what you want to spend!5. Grab what you want before it goes! If you see something you love and have to have or like it but not sure, pick it up and put it in your bag, as chances are it won’t be there on a second look round.

Here’s how I do it…

I head straight for the dresses (or whatever catches your eye) and work my way along the rails.  If I like something I feel for the weight of the garment. Too heavy and I leave it, if not it goes in the bag.

Once it starts filling up, I usually find a quiet spot to re look at what I picked. This is crucial as you really need to double check what your buying. Glance over what your buying by checking for stains, rips, missing buttons and zips not working. – I have to say though that most of the items at weigh and pay sales are of excellent quality, however I have been caught out before with un wearable dresses due to not being more careful.

I also use this opportunity to filter dresses out for the next round! Repeat! until your super happy with what ya got.

Follow these tips and you’ll be the queen of the kilo in no time.









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