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    Etsy back to basics: How to master SEO

    SEO – Master the Basics of SEO with my Etsy Back to Basics Part One. Welcome to my Etsy back to basics series. Wether you’re a Etsy newbie, not yet opened your shop or looking to brush up on some Esty know how these posts are for you. Selling vintage on Etsy is a fantastic way to make money when done right and a great way to start if your new to selling vintage. I’ve had my own vintage Etsy shop, Super Queenie Retro for nearly 5 years now and I get asked all the time about the key to successful selling online. Simply it is this, constant (lust worthy)…

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    Vintage Boxed: Our new vintage biz

    Our vintage subscription business, Vintage Boxed is ready to take the world on! A little while ago I wrote about my new vintage biz, Vintage Boxed when it was just in the planning stages however as from the beginning of September Vintage Boxed is ready for orders & subscriptions. Yay! The idea of setting up a vintage subscription was a sudden brainwave when I was thinking of new ways to sell vintage clothing. For me I love the idea of finding and discovering new vintage bits and bobs as you know what you might come across. The ultimate vintage dress or your new favourite vintage handbag could just be lurking in the…

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