SEO – Master the Basics of SEO with my Etsy Back to Basics Part One.  Whether you’re a Etsy newbie, not yet opened your shop or looking to brush up on some Esty know how this post is for you!

Part One. Lets go over the basics of SEO! Ready? Here we go! This is one of the most important things you can do to get customers to find your items. Without any focus on SEO your chance of getting sales through Etsy is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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So what is SEO anyway?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Think of Etsy like a large search engine full of lovely things to buy. There’s no way you could search through all of it (even in the vintage section) to randomly come across exactly what you’re looking for.  For example if someone is typing in to the search for an “80’s Pink Floral Dress” you’ll want your listings to be as relevant as possible to show up high in the buyers search. – This is where SEO comes in handy and it’s not only Etsy that uses SEO it also applies to external search engines like Google.

The more relevant you can be, the higher up in the search you will appear to a buyer. However not all aspects of SEO are known but what experienced sellers can tell you is that there are tricks that help you to tick those SEO boxes.  Be Specific, Consistant & Relevant!

In order for your lovely vintage items to be seen by potential customers you need to get specific about what your selling and consistent with the way you do it. Be consistent in the words you use in your listing and in your shop by narrowing down some key words (little phases) that sum up your business or product that you are selling in your shop.

Etsy Back to Basics; How to Master SEO.For example I sell “Bohemian Vintage Clothing and Accessories.” So the words Bohemian, Boho and Vintage appear a lot in everything I have to say.  The more you repeat the same phases and key words the better!

A good place to start is to use your key phase to describe your shop in your shop title. It’s really important to fill this line out and use words that sum up your business best, as this will also appear next to any links in search engines for your shop. This also is good practice for the branding and voice of your business.  (More about that soon…)

These words you use to describe your shop use again and again. Use them in your tags and use them (when appropriate)  in your titles and listing descriptions.

Extra tip:  Use the same short description when using any short descriptive copy for your social media, like your little bio on Instagram for example. Think of it like a tag line for your business. 

How to make your listings more SEO friendly.

Essentially all you need to do is repeat the same words and phases. See I told you it was simple!  When adding a new listing (new item for sale) it’s a power combo of having great photography, killer descriptions and having  your listings as SEO friendly as possible. So, how do you do that?

Think of it like this. There are three places you need to think about SEO on a listing page;

In your TITLE


and in your TAGS

Firstly you need give you item a TITLE.  I think this is always a little misleading as it needs to be a series of different titles making up one long one! Etsy gives you a long space made up of 140 characters so really do make use of all of it.  Think like a buyer.  What would you search for if you wanted to find it? – Use colour, patterns, shape, size, era for different keywords and think of different ways of saying it.

If it’s a jumper, try using other words for a jumper like pullover or sweater.  Bags use the words, handbag. bag, purse, shoulder bag etc. Then vary them with other words. Like white sweater, wool sweater, white wool jumper etc or black leather bag, black leather handbag, leather purse and so on.

Important Tip! Avoid using words like beautiful, lovely, groovy, amazing… blah blah..  These will not help you at all! Save these if you want to use them in your description but don’t waste space on them in the title and tags.

Here is one of my vintage listings to show you. I use backspace / dashes to separate out my keywords and phases, you don’t have to do this just an idea, basically as long as there is a gap between your characters and words and avoid using full stops and commas.


These are all the keywords and tags that I have used in my title. – I used a mixture of one word & three word phrases with the most important relevant words repeated e.g.  Boho, Bandana, Headscarf, Blue.  

Navy blue bandana
Vintage butterfly headscarf
Boho bandana
Retro blue square scarf
Boho festival

If you get stuck for keywords and tags you might like my download for my GOLD DUST tags and keywords for selling vintage on Etsy here.

Gold Dust Tags & Keywords for selling Vintage on Etsy.

Important tip! Use your best, most relevant key words at the very front of your TITLE. 

Next move onto your DESCRIPTION.

Here you want to put the first couple of key words that you used in your title at the very beginning of your item description. The first 160 characters of your description is your meta data, this means that when your page comes up in a search engine the first line be shown too. This is why you will want to describe straight away what your selling and using your most relevant words you have used in your title.

Underneath your description box you can preview what your meta data snippet will look like on a search engine. You can see that not all the Title has been used and the first line of the paragraph shows underneath.

Lastly the TAGS!

Again all you need to do is repeat the same key words and tags you have used in your tile and first lines of your description.

If a keyword is too long. Break it up into two different tags. For example Tooled leather handbag = tooled handbag, leather handbag, tooled leather, tooled bag.

Tooled leather vintage bag

Use all your tags don’t waste them. – I would recommend using plurals in tags like boho dresses, or vintage bags. Use tags for different eras, styles, and trends. If you need more examples don’t forget to check out my GOLD DUST Tags and Keywords!

What else helps with your SEO on Etsy?

I can recommend filling everything out! Etsy likes it when you have used everything they have given you to give buyers more information about you as a seller. Fill in all your about sections, polices, links, bios and photos.

Don’t forget those shop sections too! These also have SEO links with external search engines. As each different section you have has its own link. Make sure you give them relevant names that are obvious. Like Vintage dresses, 50’s prom dresses, mid-century coats, vintage brooches, retro handbags you get the idea…

I hope these tips were useful in making SEO a little more user-friendly and watch out for my next Etsy Back to Basics!