Not Buying new a fashion challenge

Could you go 365 days without buying new clothes?

Not Buying New; A new year with a new challenge, which is simply Not Buying New. No buying new clothes in high street stores and and online for one whole year. Easy Peasey right? Eek! I’m not so sure. This challenge is already proving harder than I first imagined..

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What is Not Buying New?

Not buying new is a way to reduce, re-use and recycle fashion by creating less throw away fast fashion. Using what is available already. Think preloved, second-hand, thrift and vintage. Fun right?

Over the last year or so I’ve been following some super cool ladies on Instagram who make #notbyingnew part of their everyday. They enjoy bringing new life to their existing closet by sharing their experiences of thrifting with their followers.

I’m really pleased to see that attitudes towards second-hand clothing are finally changing for the better. Women are re-thinking their approach to clothing, fashion and thrift (or pre-loved). Recycled shopping is no longer only for vintage enthusiasts looking for the nostalgia of style.

Not Buying New. No new clothes for 365 days.

Why do #notbuyingnew challenge?

You might think that my job as a Vintage Trader would mean that I wear vintage all the time? I do of course, I LOVE vintage but I also like matching vintage with high street and modern trends too. One of the reasons not buying new appeals so much is that I’ve always loved a good rummage, which is why I do the job I do. Being a vintage trader means I’ve learnt to find vintage like a needle in a hay stack quickly, but this year I’m going to have to learn to find some quality high street gems too.

Second- hand shopping has plenty of benefits whether it’s for environmental reasons, financial or just a new way to look at forming healthier habits with clothing.

I’m hoping to save cash over the year by avoiding impulse purchases even when it’s just Primark – the cost soon adds up over the year. So let’s feel good about saving money and not taking part in fast fashion even if it’s just a tiny part.

So Can I still shop?

Yes! shopping is allowed as long as it is not new! There are plenty of great options for preloved shopping. Hurrah! There are Thrift shops, Charity shops, Car boots (my personal favourite) Ebay, Etsy, Vintage and not forgetting good old Swaps! – Need more tips in Thrifting for Vintage Like a Boss? You might like to read this!  

how to thrift vintage like a vintage trader

Unfortunately for me, living in the wilds of West Cork in Ireland the option for second-hand and charity shops aren’t all that extensive. There are a couple of charity shops in nearby towns, but I find them expensive compared to the UK so I’ll plan to go with less and just learn to shop my own wardrobe for a while.

It’s true, I do have a damn good stash of vintage to rummage through for wardrobe malfunctions & style meltdowns but vintage is not always who I want to be everyday.

How about a capsule wardrobe too?

To make my challenge last the whole year and so I don’t crack under pressure I’m not going to be rushing to buy what I don’t need.

New / old clothing and accessories have to work hard for their place on my small clothing rail. It’s time to get with all about the ‘staple pieces’ that’ll mix & match with other items of clothing that I already own. Leading me nicely on to the next part of this challenge – To create my first capsule wardrobe.

I’m still planning to wear lots of vintage too don’t worry; however as a part of my challenge for 2019 I’m going to make the clothes I do have into a capsule collection. Which means being ruthless – cutting down numbers and decluttering.

I’ve packed away my clothes for the summer (which I should have done months ago!) and started to make a big ‘Donate’ pile of clothing. – I can’t really shop second hand this year without putting some back too!

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