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vintage dress with layered retro blue cardigan by super queenie retro vintage

How To (successfully) Shop For Vintage.

How do you successfully shop for Vintage? Every vintage rummager wants to find a Chanel number from the ‘60s for under a tenner. It’s like the Holy Grail of vintage. But do you actually know how to spot the well made from the waste? Well, I recently joined forces with Pebble Magazine to offer my thoughts on the ethical side of buying second hand and to pass on some tips of thinking like a expert when shopping for vintage. ” If you’re not already a vintage fashion buyer, you should be. The UK’s on course to throw away 235 million pieces of clothing this year. Only 25% of our wardrobes gets recycled but buying vintage fashion has huge benefits – for the planet and your own wardrobe. While some people are put off by buying second hand, part of the problem is not knowing what you’re looking for when it comes to vintage clothes. Vintage blogger and buyer, Super Queenie Retro, is our latest #pebblesmakeripples guest.  Below she’s shared her ultimate (and practical) guide on to how …

vintage fashion shoot. Girl in red 80s dress on sofa

Vintage 80’s Boho Fashion Shoot.

  I love love love seeing photographs of vintage fashion shoots. There’s so much scope with vintage to produce amazing images and a chance to be really creative with styling. These images are from a combined 1980s vintage fashion shoot which took on a relaxed boho vibe, helped by all the cool retro props from the A&S vintage barn. An ideal location. Photographs by Kerry Curl and styled at Attik & Seller  Barns. Clothing from Super Queenie Retro and Attik & Seller.  Thanks everyone! Hopefully I will get around to planning some more photo shoots over the summer, wether if its for a Vintage Trail Magazine No 2 or just for Super Queenie Retro… I’ll have to get planning and get the camera out. Have a peep at my Vintage Fashion Shoot post here.   

7 of the Best… Summer Dresses

We share with you 7 of the best vintage summer dresses for 2017 from our online vintage shop Super Queenie Retro. These are just the cream of the crop for holidays, family weekends and those ‘I’m just going to wear vintage days.’ How to pick a dress for summer? Easy. Make sure you get the right fabric for a start. Cotton has to be at the top of the list for comfy and breathable fabrics if your anywhere hot. If you can’t find what your looking for in a natural fibres then pick something lightweight and with some room for air. Like a loose viscose or sheer polyester. Don’t think that just because it’s hot the dresses have to be minimal. A longer / looser fitting dress will keep you cooler. Like wise coving up top can save sun burns. We love loose fitting jumpsuits, strong colours, big textures and colours as well as knowing when to keep it simple to show off a summer tan and let the accessories or footwear do the talking.  …

Vintage Trail Photoshoot

Photo shoot for: Vintage Trail Magazine, Norwich / Styling and vintage clothes: Myself (Super Queenie Retro) and Fabulous Miss K / Photography: Me with Sony x3000 / Models: Jess & Frances . I can finally share with you some of the images we took for Vintage Trail  – our free vintage magazine for Norwich.  I think we did this back in February or March, so it was a little chilly for the girls, and we just used a few different locations around Norwich North City.  It was great to be using my camera again and having some cool modelled photographs for Super Queenie Retro.

Super Queenie Dress, Norwich Fashion Week, Vintage show

Photos from Fashion Week.

This week I got to see the gorgeous images from the promo shoot from Norwich Fashion Week. These were for the Vintage Show and the theme this year was perfect, Studio 54 baby! I had a few pieces I selected for the shoot, some which then went onto the catwalk show. Really pleased that this cool Super Queenie Retro rainbow vintage dress was used for one of the models, and I think she looks fab! Our dress is available to buy here – Size 10-12 and only £27.00 And on that note… I’m off to another vintage fashion shoot this morning, this time with an 80’a theme over at The Attik & Seller Barns in Norfolk. Credits: Photography Photographer: Kerry Curl / Stylist: Karen James-Welton Assistant: Jordan Wake Models: Harriet, Heather, Amy, Lily, Hannah, Kendall, Dion, Raoul, Will and Jay HMUA: Claire Kingsmill, Jeahan Tuddenham and Naomi Davies at The Norwich School of Beauty Eyewear kindly supplied by Dipple & Conway Location: OPEN, Bank Plain. And Sponosor by Zaks Authentic Americna Diner.  

Vintage Outfits in Spring.

Wearing vintage, and having a lot to choose from is definitely a fab perk of being a vintage trader.  It’s true you need to try things on and experiment with different shapes, styles and colours. Too many times I have written off a retro dress as awful a ‘nylon nightmare’ as we used to joke and popped it on our cheap rail, only then to see it on someone and thought shit, it actually it looks really cool. After a while I stopped wearing vintage quite so much opting for more high street. But now I’m embracing it whole heartedly and brining more colour and pattern by reintroducing vintage one dress at a time. As much as I would like to have a chic minimalist capsule wardrobe I love prints and colours too much. Although perhaps I could have a capsule print wardrobe? At the moment I’ve been loving long sleeved maxi dresses, and my new leather sparkle and fade jacket which I picked up in a charity shop in Beccles (Suffolk) and Ive barely …