Gold Dust Tags & Keywords for Selling Vintage on Etsy – Free Download!

Yes, selling on Etsy is hard work. Over the last 5 years I’ve spent a huge amount of time and effort figuring out which Tags and Key words really work for my own vintage shop SUPER QUEENIE RETRO .  Today I’m super proud of my vintage business.

Gold Dust Tags & Keywords for selling Vintage on Etsy.


Every Etsy seller will tell you how important TAGS and KEYWORDS are to your chances of getting more views to your Etsy shop and more views means to more ‘Cha-Chings’.

So you know that Tags and Keywords are a big deal, but do you find that you often run out of the right words or phrases to use?

I get it, it’s hard to come up with 13 different tags.  It’s a vintage dress right? Wrong?…  Cute vintage dress?… Nope? Funky retro dress?… Not a chance!Gold Dust Tags and Keywords for selling vintage on Etsy.

Let me show you all the best Gold Dust Vintage Tags and Keywords in my FREE Download! You’re welcome!

Why do they work?

These GOLD DUST tags and keywords, are NOT ONLY searched for but I’ve found there’s also LESS COMPETITION in the search for the same phases. Meaning you have more chance of getting shown up in a search. Yay!

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